The Management of SPC COURIER AND LOGISTICS S.L., declares that it has an Anti-Corruption Plan that defines those scenarios that an employee can be involved in and that can lead to a possible case of corruption, providing them with the basic principles and special conditions to have present to know how to act. Similarly, it establishes the assessment of the risks that these situations can cause to the organization in order to establish actions and thus reduce the impact. With this plan, our commitment to contribute to the purpose of fighting corrupt practices is evidenced, through the implementation of specific strategies that demonstrate the transparency of business actions.

The defined measures are applicable to all employees of SPC COURIER AND LOGISTICS S.L. suppliers and those who act in its name or on its behalf and for its benefit, as well as their de facto or legal representatives. A policy of zero tolerance and full collaboration with the competent authorities is adopted so that the appropriate responsibilities of any of the aforementioned persons are clarified. Employees who violate these provisions will be subject to the appropriate disciplinary measures, including the termination of the contract, as the case may be, as well as other possible actions and/or legal sanctions. Likewise, SPC COURIER AND LOGISTICS S.L. will adopt the measures it deems appropriate against any interested party that breaches this policy.

SPC COURIER AND LOGISTICS S.L. has implemented a reporting channel that allows employees and others to confidentially alert an organization of suspected misconduct. SPC COURIER AND LOGISTICS S.L. will not tolerate any retaliation against anyone who, in good faith, communicates facts that could constitute a breach of this policy.

This Policy::

  1. It is presented in order to constitute the frame of reference to establish and review the objectives and goals of SPC COURIER AND LOGISTICS S.L.

  2. It is available to all interested parties who request its knowledge and is communicated to all people who work for the organization or on behalf of it, with the purpose of making them aware of their individual obligations in terms of Quality and compliance with applicable legal requirements.

  3. It is reviewed periodically in order to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate to the requirements of SPC COURIER AND LOGISTICS S.L. and its Quality Management System.

  4. It is known by each of the members of SPC COURIER AND LOGISTICS S.L., who accept the responsibility of complying with it and enforcing it to all the personnel in their charge.